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International license for transport 0996

National license for taxi transport 06276


For Businesses

We also offer complete services for transport for all companies that require transport services in the direction Ruse Bucharest Ruse, 
as well as transport in the country, Ruse city and Ruse region.

Ruse Bucharest Ruse

as well as transport in the country or in the city and region of Ruse.

For companies that have signed contracts with Demar Taxi LTD for transport, we guarantee:

- Lowest prices for a particular type of transport
- Priority for service
- 24/7 stand by
- Payment by bank transfer
- Payment at 15 or 30 days period


We can issue an invoices without VAT, based on the international license we have and make your accounting easier.

All prices are calculated individually for every single contract!


 Only we can provide safety, comfort and convenience at competitive prices!

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Contact Us

00359 889 738 261


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"DEMAR TAXI" Ltd encourages you to verify and use only licensed transport for your safety!

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